What is jobigloo?

A free job board featuring jobs from various companies and sources.

What is careerpassport?

An online recruiting software used by employers to manage and organise their recruitment process.

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How do I use careerpassport with jobigloo?

Jobseekers – Create a careerpassport profile, set job alerts, receive notifications and apply for vacancies or submit or CV to different companies for free.

Employers - Create a free careerpassport account, start posting adverts and receive applications for free

Guidelines for an effective job advertisement

We suggest that you advertise your vacancy like you advertise a product or service. Competition for talent is like any other competition. Candidates will opt for better written and more informative adverts.

Some tips to follow:

Have a clear structure.

Grab the attention of the reader.

Highlight the relevance of the job to the reader.

Engage the reader to follow up and to want to know more.

Clearly explain what steps the interested reader should take to apply (our site handles this for you)

A typical advert structure could consist of:

1. A title.

2. A brief about the company.

3. A clearly marked brief about the specific duties and responsibilities relevant to the job/position.

4. The job requirements.

Following these steps will increase your chances of sourcing successful responses.

Top Ten Tips

Ensure that the position title reflects the role.

Write about the company and the job - not just about the required qualifications.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

Build confidence in the applicant that he/she can follow their ambitions.

Use a strong and meaningful headline to attract attention.

Keep the content of your advert short, sharp and to the point.

Use appropriate typography, spacing and layout.

Dedicate adequate time for advert writing and be professional.

Avoid any wording which may be discriminatory.

Use the second person singular (e.g. You will be responsible for..).

Legal Notes

1. Avoid gender specific job titles such as "sales man" or “sales girl” opting instead for gender neutral language such as "salesperson".

2. Advertisements should not favour or make assumptions about a particular marital status.

3. Avoid age limits for example, "young trainee clerk " as this may constitute as age discrimination.

4. Avoid any comments which might lead to racial, religious or any other form of discrimination.

5. Avoid copying text from third party sources.

You can also choose to use the careerpassport new vacancy wizard for easier job postings.

Careerpassport is a recruitment management system using modern web technology to help you organise your recruitment processes. Careerpassport allows you to advertise your vacancies on multiple job boards and to receive applications online which are automatically short listed and acknowledged. The received CVs will also be searchable for your future requirements. Applicant tracking is also possible through the facility of writing notes, reports and comments on each candidate.

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